Assignments for March 12, 14

Monday, March 12 –

Read pages 164-233 of Amada’s Blessings; come prepared to outline each chapter/section and to discuss passages you find interesting:

7. Saint, Mom, and Grandma on Sacred Peyote Grounds

8. Amada’s Love

Amada’s Legacy

Review Amada’s Blessings; come prepared to discuss how this book helped you understand peyote religion, including several key passages you found interesting.

Wednesday, March 14 – PROPOSAL DUE

Write a 500-word essay detailing the focus, methodology, and significance of your project. Illustrate your exposition with specific references to the assigned readings and to your research sources. Append a preliminary bibliography of relevant books, articles, and websites, cited in an appropriate bibliographic style. Give your polished proposal an original and fitting title.

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