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Decoding the Ancient Secrets of White Shaman (2012)
An Ethnobotany of Firewood in Osage Big Moon Peyotism: Practical Knowledge, Ritual Participation, and Aesthetic Preference (2014)
• For Indian Church, A Critical Shortage (1995)
Objects of Purpose, Objects of Prayer: Peyote Boxes of the Native American Church (2010)
• Peyote in the Wilds of Texas (2010)
The Peyote Ritual: Visions and Descriptions of Monroe Tsa Toke (1957)
Texas’ Peyote Hunters Struggle to Find a Vanishing, Holy Crop (2008)
Views and Visions: The Symbolic Imagery of the Native American Church (1981)

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Hymns of Praise: The Native American Church (1994)

About the Peyote Ceremony (2011)
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Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians (2014)
Native American Church Ceremony Part 1 (2008)
Native American Church Ceremony Part 2 (2008)
Peyote and the Native American Church (2010?)
The Peyote Road: Ancient Religion in Contemporary Crisis (1992)
Sacred Peyote (2007)
To Find Our Life: The Peyote Hunt of the Huicholes of Mexico (1969)
The Traditional Use of Peyote (1993)
Your Humble Serpent: The Wisdom of Reuben Snake (1996)

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