Proposal – DUE MARCH 14
Write a 500-word essay detailing the focus, methodology, and significance of your project. Illustrate your exposition with specific references to the assigned readings and to your research sources. Append a preliminary bibliography of relevant books, articles, and websites, cited in an appropriate bibliographic style. Give your polished proposal an original and fitting title.

Report – DUE APRIL 18
Write a 500-word essay recounting the progress of your research project since submitting the proposal. Speculate on the organization of your final paper, being as specific as possible. Append an annotated bibliography of sources you have consulted, cited in an appropriate bibliographic style. Give your polished report an original and fitting title.

Presentation – DUE APRIL 23, 25, 30
Prepare an oral presentation summarizing your research findings. Focus on those aspects of the project most relevant to your colleagues in the course. Practice your extemporaneous comments beforehand until they run about ten minutes in length. Supplement your talk with a one-sheet handout (10 copies) bearing your name and project title.

Paper – DUE MAY 2
Write a 3,000-word essay documenting the process and outcome of your research project. Connect your insights to the assigned readings and to your colleagues’ presentations wherever possible. Support your narrative/argument with citations and bibliography in an appropriate style. Give your polished paper an original and fitting title.